probablywallywest asked: Hey. I saw you wrote an AU where Danielle was like four and Danny was like sixteen and had to take care of her. Would you be alright with me drawing some of that?


long answer I haven’t actually written anything that’s been posted, it was just an idea that popped into my head and me and my friend Scribble expanded and plotted it out a bit. Don’t know if it will ever fully be written since I’m not one to write multichaptered fanfics.

Slightly longer answer is that Danny is actually 18 and starting college (so the idea is that Vlad has given up on getting Danny to side with him since he’s legally an adult so he’s trying to just start over with a “new” young Danny) so Danny gets to juggle fighting ghosts (though he’s older now and friends with a lot of his older sorta rivals which makes things slightly easier) and college life, plus taking care of Elle and trying to figure out how to make sure his family doesn’t find out because wow he does NOT want to explain having a clone. Kid. Sister. It’s an odd dynamic.

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I found more cards and drew some things with crayolas.

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There was an artist trading card activity/panel at the unschooling convention and tbh it’s the only reason I went.

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My teacher in my college success class likes to use, commas where they, really, shouldn’t go.

And it, reads, so much like an overacting William, Shatner that my, family and I have dubbed, it -

"The Shatner Comma"

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i don’t know how to talk to my friends so i just add art to their text posts and hope it counts as interaction

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aggressively lays down

This took longer than it should have, but here’s a list of colors I “see” when I listen to instruments. They shift and change when played together to form a song, but these are the colors I hear when played by themselves.

The white dots in the middle of all the colors do have a purpose - it means that it’s a layered sound (as best I can describe it) which means I get the original color … plus an extra layer, and that makes it brighter, so I white kind of overpowers the original color.

The movie reel is how I perceive time in general. Seconds, hours, minutes, days, weeks, months, years … it’s self explanatory.

And personalities are a bit different and harder to pick out than instruments because I have to know the person before I know their colors. Though there are exceptions to the rule, in general they adhere to the pattern of choleric=red, melancholy=blue, phlegmatic=green, and sanguine=yellow. As I get to know a person better a second or third color will sometimes be added, forming a gradient like the picture on the right of my best friend(Other Brain). But again, exceptions are always there - her sister(Star) is made up of polka dots rather than a gradient.

Eh, I just felt like making a synesthesia post.

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I don’t like posting a bunch of random sketches that don’t have a common theme cause then I have to tag each fandom/story and all the characters in one post.

I don’t like posting a bunch of random sketches that don’t have a common theme cause then I have to tag each fandom/story and all the characters in one post.

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I gotta fix Steven, he still doesn’t look right. But sketches for now.

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mermaids that don’t have breasts because why would they seriously but they still wear giant clam shells on their chest because they see humans doing that

mermen also wearing glam shells on their chests and confusing humans who see them